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Are You on the G-List?

A few weeks ago my brother came home with a 3DS. I asked him how much it cost. $99, he said. I asked him how he could get such a big discount, and he told me he got it because he’s on the G-List. Pressing him for details, I learned that it was some kind … Continue reading

Cool Science Toys for Kids (and Kids at Heart)

Sick of chemistry sets? Fed up with potato batteries? When it comes to kids and science, there are a set few toys that everyone seems to come back to, but there’s a whole lot more out there than the standards. These toys let kids learn while doing really cool things – so cool, you might … Continue reading

Is Pinterest Legal?

Pinterest has been the name on everyone’s lips this past month – and not just as the hot new social media site. The photo-sharing site has come under fire from lawyers and copyright experts who claim that it facilitates copyright infringement. Here’s a look at the arguments for and against Pinterest’s business model. When you … Continue reading

Level Up Your Life with Gamification

Have you given up and forgotten about your New Year’s resolutions? Need some motivation to do those dishes? What if you could turn your most unfun activities into a game, with points, levels, and rewards? Welcome to the world of gamification. The word “gamification” refers generally to the process of applying game design ideas to … Continue reading

5 Sci-Fi Technologies We Still Don’t Have (and Why)

The goal of sci-fi has always been to paint a picture of the future based on our understanding of the present. But technology often unfolds in ways we never could have predicted. Relatively few sci-fi stories from the ’60s have anything like the internet or smartphones in them, but they often have technology that seems … Continue reading

The Geekiest Ways to Pop the Question

Wedding proposals. They’re a huge moment in your life, and you want to get it perfect. Do you take your beau to a fancy restaurant? Do it on the Jumbotron at the big game? Hire a skywriter? Or maybe both of you spend eight hours a day online and you met at a con. In … Continue reading

Google’s new privacy policy and what it means for you

The internet has been freaking out these past few weeks over the changes to Google’s privacy policies, which come into effect March 1. The change allows Google to co-ordinate the data it collects from you across almost all of its services in order to give you targeted results and ads. You’ll be treated as the … Continue reading

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