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The Coolest Easter Eggs of All Time

Happy Easter! Even though I don’t celebrate the holiday, I’ve got to love the idea of a hunt for treats hidden in the most innocent places. Of course, to my ears, “easter egg” primarily means a secret in a piece of media that the creators threw in for eagle-eyed audience members to spot. Here are … Continue reading

Easter Eggs: Harvest Moon

When Easter was approaching this year, I had the great idea of writing up an article featuring Geeky Easter Egg designs.The problem with this is, is that there are plenty of websites that feature this, such as Global Geek News, Moms Basement and G4. So instead of regurgitating all the same pictures and designs, I’ve … Continue reading

Game Review: Journey

Genre: Platform Players: 1-2 Developer: thatgamecompany Platform: PlayStation Network Price: $15 Released: March 14, 2012 I’d been looking forward to Journey ever since it was announced a few years ago. The art direction and setting caught my attention immediately (and I’ll admit it’s at least partially because it reminded me of Homestuck’s Exiles plot line), … Continue reading

Are You on the G-List?

A few weeks ago my brother came home with a 3DS. I asked him how much it cost. $99, he said. I asked him how he could get such a big discount, and he told me he got it because he’s on the G-List. Pressing him for details, I learned that it was some kind … Continue reading

Getting Geeky with Mass Effect

Mass Effect 3 came out a couple of days ago (March 6) and I realized that I could not play it until I had at least finished Mass Effect 2. The first two games are where you build your character; you shape the events of everything around you, create your team, and solidify your identity. … Continue reading

RPG Character Creation

I’ll admit it, I can be a little shallow, especially when it comes to the character I get to play in any video game. One of my favourite things to do with a RPG is make my very own character, customizing everything from their hair colour to the height of their cheek bones. Video games … Continue reading

Leaping Into A New Genre: First Person Shooters

It is a long, proud, completely made up tradition that on Leap Day, you should “take a leap” and try something you’ve never done. To celebrate this day, I thought I’d share with you my recent experiences in a huge area of gaming that has somehow eluded me my whole life: first-person shooters. I’ve never … Continue reading

Game Freak announces Pokémon Black and White 2 (UPDATE)

Game Freak director Junichi Masuda appeared on the Japanese TV series Pokémon Smash! earlier today to announce the next main series Pokémon games. In a series first, the games appear to be direct sequels to Pokémon Black and White, and are titled Pokémon Black Version 2 and White Version 2. Also unusual is that the … Continue reading

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