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GeekGirl Tutorial: Faun Hooves

A couple years ago I was struck with the insane urge to cosplay Soom Amber, a doll created to show off the company’s mad feats of doll engineering.  I searched for ages to find useful information on how to make her spectacular faun hooves, but nothing I found satisfied me.  So I combined a few … Continue reading

Fairy Fashions for Spring

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, and the first day of Spring less than a week away, it’s the perfect time of year to pay homage to the Fair Folk and sprinkle your wardrobe with a little fairy glamour. Really any excuse for glitter, sparkle, and butterfly wings seems like a good one to me. … Continue reading

How Steampunk Empowers the Feminine

The ladies of Steampunk dress in layers of ornate finery—bustles bobbing at their backs, goggles nestled in their hair, and corsets cinched tight at their waists—at least until they decide to ditch the crinoline and grab a pair of coal-stained trousers.  Playing dress-up is fun, but what really attracts women to the Steampunk subculture, and … Continue reading

Cosplay Everyday: Fallout 3

Love Cosplay but can’t get away with wearing it at work? We’ve put together a few outfits that you can wear to work, school, or even on a night out based on some of our favourite geek culture characters and themes. This week: Fallout 3 The Lone Wanderer (Casual) The classic vault suit look doesn’t … Continue reading

Couples’ Cosplay Ideas (For Friends and Lovers)

Cosplay on Valentine’s Day?  Why not? Costuming with a loved one means you’ll always have someone to brainstorm, panic, and work all night with – and someone nearby to kiss it better when that pin inevitably catches your finger.  Plus, coordinating cosplay pairs and groups are always fan favourites at conventions.  In honour of Valentimes, … Continue reading

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