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Great Romantic K-Dramas

There are very few countries that can write, produce, and perform a romantic comedy drama like Korea. I’ve watched Japanese dramas, Chinese dramas, Taiwanese dramas, but none can compare to the heart wrenching, tear-jerking, and dreamy-eye staring like those that can be had (and guaranteed) in Korean dramas. I speak of, of course, the romantic … Continue reading

Romantic Love Stories

Confession time: I am a huge romantic at heart. I believe, most fervently, in happy endings, sweet kisses and gentlemen holding doors for ladies. I adore picture-perfect weddings with massive tulle ballgowns and beautiful three-tiered confections – the perfect white piping, elaborate sugar flowers and that sponge-custard-sponge ratio. In light of our Valentine’s theme this … Continue reading

Book Review: The Legend of Ninja Cowboy Bear

David Bruins and Hilary Leung’s “The Legend of Ninja Cowboy Bear” is a cute book filled with lovely pictures and awesome characters. There are very few things as epic as a ninja, cowboy or bear, but put them together in the same book about competition, friendship and diversity, and you get one of the best … Continue reading

Sailor Moon Re-Release

The Revival of the Sailor Moon Manga in North America Since GeekGirl is about the passion and dedication to certain interests and hobbies, it’s only fitting that my first post would be about Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon is, by far, my first ever obsession in my life, and is the one true passion I have … Continue reading

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