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The Embarrassing Side Effects of Having Recently Read “The Hunger Games”

These side effects seem to have developed into a pandemic within the last few months for most of my friends. I know I am guilty of at least… most of them. We aren’t complaining about this, really, as these “embarrassing” side effects are no where near as embarrassing as anything Twilight related that we may … Continue reading

Geek Life: How Introverts Can Survive a Night Out

Introverts get mentally and physically exhausted when around people for long periods of time and would rather celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day curled up with Yeats or Seamus Heaney than at a pub. The energy used to socialize makes an introvert weary to go out in the first place. Here are a few tips for introverts … Continue reading

Geek Health: Superhero Workout

It is ridiculous how well built comic book heroines are: chiseled like rock while in a fight, but soft and feminine when there is no danger. Yes, they play out as the ultimate mix of strength and femininity, but is this a realistic goal to set for real humans to look like? Heck no! Of … Continue reading

Cosplay Everyday: Fallout 3

Love Cosplay but can’t get away with wearing it at work? We’ve put together a few outfits that you can wear to work, school, or even on a night out based on some of our favourite geek culture characters and themes. This week: Fallout 3 The Lone Wanderer (Casual) The classic vault suit look doesn’t … Continue reading

11 TV Shows That Should Have Never Been Cancelled

We all have our favourites, the television shows that we get hung up on and schedule our entire life around. And then the big bad evil corporation decides that some arbitrary ranking system warrants the show being cancelled… and our heart breaks as they take, yet again, another set of friends away from our weekly … Continue reading

Geek Money: Geek Culture – Cheap!

Enjoy Geek Culture: Cheap! Stuck for cash but want to have some fun? Here are some cheap (and free) ways to enjoy geek culture. Manhunt It’s like a video game, only in real life! An adult version of tag, Manhunt is played anywhere where there are bountiful places to hide. The game’s mission is simple: … Continue reading

Geek Life: Singles Party!

No, this isn’t one of those let’s-try-and-hook-people-up parties. This is a guide for singles who can embrace being single and are not forced to feel like a social leper because of their relationship status on Valentine’s Day. And, as always, we do it in the geekiest way possible. Below are a two theme-based party ideas … Continue reading

Geek Love: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Stuck for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your geek? Here’s some ideas to help you out without the flowers and chocolates. For Him 1. For the kid at heart, geek toys are a unique and playful way to show you care. We especially love this floating shark to surprise your geek! 2. For the writer, … Continue reading

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