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Easter Eggs: Harvest Moon

When Easter was approaching this year, I had the great idea of writing up an article featuring Geeky Easter Egg designs.The problem with this is, is that there are plenty of websites that feature this, such as Global Geek News, Moms Basement and G4. So instead of regurgitating all the same pictures and designs, I’ve decided to decorate my own Easter eggs.

I thought of doing something obvious, like Yoshi eggs, or maybe something everyone would expect of me, Sailor Moon eggs. Instead, I’ve decided to dab into my gaming fangirl by sharing my other love: Harvest Moon. And not just any other Harvest Moon game. I was very specific when creating these that I concentrated on the newest installment in the series (DS): Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns. (Renae knows what I’m talkin’ about.)

So here are my “epic” designs!

[Supplies: 4 White Eggs (boiled), 1 Brown Egg (boiled), DIXON pencil and eraser (combination), Laurentien Washable Markers, Crayola crayons (96 pack with a built-in sharpener) – I know I’m being a little crazy about this, but I’m so proud of my work!]

[WARNING: Taken with my phone camera because my “real” camera sucks.]

Chicken and chick from "Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Cities."

I started with the chicken because it’s a much smaller animal than the other farm animals. After the adult chicken, I felt like the other side of the egg was too blank, so I put in a chick. Afterwards, I’ve developed a pattern of drawing on both sides. The speech bubbles came to me during the next egg.

Cow and Music Note Speech Bubble from "Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Cities."

There really is no counterpart to the cow, so I put in a music note speech bubble instead! Cows are always so happy when you talk to them! ^_^

Sheep and Heart Speech Bubble from "Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Cities."

The sheep was actually the second egg I decorated, but the narration of this article didn’t flow as well from chicken-to-sheep. This sheep actually scares me. O.O It’s like a ghost/phantom sheep… It won’t stop staring at me! Eep!

Owl and Alpaca from "Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Cities."

One of the big differentiations in Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Cities, is that you get an owl. I’m not sure if the alpaca is new too, but I think I’ve seen it in a previous installment. The owl, however, is pretty much useless in the game (for me, that is).

Tree and Seasons from "Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Cities."

Field and Vegetables from "Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Cities."

I made only 1 brown egg. Colour shows better on a white background, but I decided to make this one special. I deviated from the animal motif, and drew a fruit tree and a vegetable field on the brown egg. In Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Cities, you get to chose the town you want to live in. One town emphasis animal rearing, and the other encourages more crop growing. I always equated farming to crops, so I chose the crop town.

Also, to make the brown egg extra special, at the bottom I drew in:

G.G Easter Egg.

Tah-dah! The G.G logo is at the bottom of the brown egg! On the left, you see the logo penciled in. On the right… I accidentally dropped the egg, so it’s a little crushed. T_T I marker-ed the logo to make it stand out, as feeble and pitiful as it is. I’m still a little sad about it. Oh well, now I get to eat it! ^_^

In case you were curious, I did not draw the horse. I was too scared to, because it seemed a lot more complicated than the other animals. I hope you won’t miss it too much… ;)

I loved doing this, but I don’t think I’d have the energy to do it again!

Have you got great, geeky Easter egg ideas? Please post below!

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3 thoughts on “Easter Eggs: Harvest Moon

  1. http://momsbasement.org/craft-contest/

    This is the right link for the Moms Basement Contest. The one you showed is the contest from last year. The one that we are holding this year is still active and has one of a kind eggs that were made especially for MB contest. Check them out! :)

    Also, You should enter in your eggs! You could win an Easter Basket of geeky free loot!

    Posted by Custom Comix | April 6, 2012, 2:09 pm
    • Thank you so much for correcting me! I’ve changed the URL, and I hope you get a lot of entries. I don’t think my eggs are good enough for the contest, unfortunately. >_< But good luck to everyone!!! <3

      Posted by Tina | April 6, 2012, 2:15 pm
  2. Of course your eggs are good enough! Harvest moon is very awesome and geeky! :) If you decide.. submit one and we would be happy to have it up among the others! :)

    Posted by Custom Comix | April 6, 2012, 2:16 pm

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