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Book Review: I’ve Got Your Number

I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

Once again, Sophie Kinsella has managed to incorporate wit, urgency and romance into one whimsical and fantastic story. The premise behind I’ve Got Your Number is the protagonist Poppy Wyatt needing a new cell phone after hers get stolen. This is important because she needs a phone to stay in contact with a hotel – the very hotel where she lost her engagement ring. She needs the hotel employees to find the ring and then contact her immediately once it’s found. Thus, she picks up a phone she finds from the garbage and claims it as hers!

The core element of I’ve Got Your Number revolves around that fantasy modern romance, where a woman picks up a phone that belongs to a handsome, successful man and starts a conversation (romance) with him. For Poppy, this handsome, successful man is Sam Roxton. The issue is that Poppy’s already engaged.

There are so many great aspects to Kinsella’s latest work. Unlike the Shopaholic series, Poppy is not as ignorant or delusional as Becky Bloomwood. Similar to Remember Me?, the emphasis is not on the couple already established (Poppy and Magnus), but on the couple that is right (Poppy and Sam). Like all of Kinsella’s work,I’ve Got Your Number is not solely focused on the romance, but also on the protagonist finding herself and her place in society/work/family.

Poppy is a likeable protagonist, and even Magnus is great. Sam gets better and better as the read goes on. The great thing about I’ve Got Your Number is that everyone is flawed, and Poppy and Sam constantly points out each other’s imperfections. It’s funny, warm and even a little sad in the middle. It’s a definite must-read for Kinsella fans!


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