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Are You on the G-List?

A few weeks ago my brother came home with a 3DS. I asked him how much it cost. $99, he said. I asked him how he could get such a big discount, and he told me he got it because he’s on the G-List. Pressing him for details, I learned that it was some kind of exclusive Canadian gamer club and that I would have to search for it and prove my worth if I wanted to get on it. Naturally, I had to learn more, so I googled for as much info as I could.

The G-List made its debut in May 2011 at the Canadian Game Developer Awards, when the show was interrupted by a strange video feed:

The end of the video flashes the URL thereisnolist.ca. For months, not much appears to have happened on that site except a countdown clock. But in October, it yielded a link to another site: tsilon.ca. This is where those who wish to join the list must test themselves in a mini-ARG. The site links to six subsites, each of which hides a password behind puzzles and gaming-related activities. You need to enter four passwords to make it to the inner part of the site, where the second phase of testing begins. Without giving too much away, you need to make it to level 10 to be on the list.

Being on the list means having access to a lot of cool deals and rewards – and it’s exclusively for Canadians. (Americans can join for the fun of the challenges, but cannot receive perks.) You can get discounts on games and hardware, exclusive DLC, magazine subscriptions and more – if you have a high enough level. There are gaming challenges posted every day that allow you to gain XP and level up. I’m pretty new to this and haven’t completed any challenges yet, but it looks like they try to make them popular games on a variety of platforms so that all types of gamer can do some.

And just who are “they”? To keep things mysterious, the site is administered by a quirky AI character named Tsilon (pronounced like Cylon) and her minions, the Misters. However, it’s probable that the whole thing is an exercise in viral marketing run by Future Shop. Almost all of the perks so far can be redeemed at futureshop.ca, and Future Shop’s tech blog Next Gen Player seems to be the number one source for exclusive leaks from the Misters. It would certainly explain the number of big publishers willing to partner with the G-List, too. Even so, there are quite a few mysteries left to solve. Like the password field on thereisnolist.ca, which no one has been able to crack. Or the place called Area 52 that certain Misters have alluded to. If you’re interested in playing games, solving puzzles, meeting people and getting neat things, I would recommend trying to get on the list.

But you didn’t hear about it from me. ;)

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