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Upcoming: Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian by Eoin Colfer‏

As a reader of the Artemis Fowl series since the very beginning, I am thrilled and excited for the next and final instalment in the list. Coming out this summer (July 10, 2012, according to Indigo), Eoin Colfer’s eighth Artemis Fowl novel, subtitled: The Last Guardian, has a lot to live up to, especially when the series has been going on for so long and has such a strong fan base.

Will his father find out about his Faery escapades? What about his twin younger brothers? Where did Minerva go?

More importantly: Will Colfer pull a J.K. Rowling? Meaning, will the last chapter be a “19 years after…?” (I really hope not, unless he turns out to be a bad@$$ diplomat between humans and faeries… Fanfiction, anyone?)

Although I’m pleased with Artemis’ character development, from an  emotionally stunted preteen to a (somewhat) understanding teen, I most anticipate the moments when he’s in his evil genius mood where formulas and schemes are executed to perfection. The Eternity Code still makes my heart jump every time I read it because it’s so action-packed.

However, several instalments in the series lacked lustre, such as The Time Paradox and The Atlantis Complex. Both had very good premises, but the bland character insight in young Artemis in The Time Paradox, and the abrupt change in Artemis in The Atlantic Complex, does not breathe depth or fullness in Artemis. I understand that the Artemis in The Atlantic Complex has a disease that changes his personality, but it wasn’t convincing enough to suspend my disbelief. It was awkward, and the over-arching plot of Turnball Root, which was heart-wrenching and unique, was downplayed.

I have high expectations for The Last Guardian. I always have high expectations for Artemis Fowl novels. Four months is too long of a wait.

What are your thoughts on the Artemis Fowl series, or any long-going series in general? Please comment below!

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