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Geek Life: How Introverts Can Survive a Night Out

Introverts get mentally and physically exhausted when around people for long periods of time and would rather celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day curled up with Yeats or Seamus Heaney than at a pub. The energy used to socialize makes an introvert weary to go out in the first place. Here are a few tips for introverts to survive a St. Patrick’s Day night out with friends.

1.  Remember your friends. You have an instant safety net, especially if one or two of them are also introverts like yourself. It’s easier to enjoy being at a pub or party when you have a a solid base to rely on.

2. Be prepared to meet new people. Yes, this can mean making the horrid small talk, however you may just meet a great new friend by doing so. Prepare a few questions you can ask someone before hand,  just in case the conversation dies down. People love talking about themselves, so prepare questions such as “what’s your favourite thing to do on Saint Patrick’s Day?” or “What do you do with your week/spare time?”. If the conversation dies down or gets awkward, feel free to excuse yourself and move on. Tell them it was nice talking to them, but you’re going to go back and hang out with your friends or try and meet other new people. Never lie when excusing yourself though; it’s rude.

3. Be confident. And by confident I mean be fully aware that it is not your prerogative to “fit in”. You are not the odd-one-out. You are yourself: your wonderful and perfect self. This means (and it’s difficult, I know) that you must not think you are there to impress people. You’re not. Just be kind, smile, and ask people some questions. They are all probably just as nervous as you are (or tired).

4. Take a rest break. If you’re feeling overwhelmed but still want to enjoy the night make sure to step outside for a few minutes, head back to hang out with your friends, or even just head to the bathroom for a breather. Recoup and then enjoy the rest of your night. Repeat as many times as needed.

5. Don’t feel that you have to stay. If you have given the night a fair shot, have tried the above tips, and are still not having a great time, don’t feel guilty about calling it a night. Never let anyone pressure you into staying when you don’t want to. Excuse yourself, say good night to everyone, and head home to enjoy a good book or a viewing of The Boondock Saints.


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