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Book Review: Dating the Undead

Dating the Undead by Gena Showalter and Jill Monroe

There are so many brilliant things about Dating the Undead by Gena Showalter & Jill Monroe, a sort of experimentation and a comedic look on the pervasiveness of the urban supernatural genre on society. It is, undoubtedly, a book, but it’s formatted and written like a Cosmopolitan magazine, with the same sizzling cover lines and the smexy male (undead) model. But unlike a magazine on the newsstands, it’s thicker with greater paper quality, and definitely heftier.

Dating the Undead is filled with details and snippets of great information. The articles are imaginative and humorous, ranging from how to date a werewolf (behave like an alpha if they are a beta), and how to stop your ex-vampire-boyfriend from stalking you (dab an unappetizing perfume on your neck). My favourite aspect of this book is its “knowledge” on the undead, such as how demons will never be faithful… and sometimes even angels can have affairs (oh my!).

One of the best spoofs of the magazine is the ads. They imitate familiar ads in magazines we see on newsstands today, about products and brand we can recognize. On the back cover, in a two-page spread, there is an ad for Coffin Klein. Exactly as it looks and sounds, the ad is a black-and-white image of three models, all wearing underwear in a sexual pose. I spent a long time trying to place every ad in Dating the Undead to an ad I’ve seen in another magazine or publication.

You can tell that the designers have put a lot of effort into this. Although some of the layouts are awkward and boxy, the content makes up for it. The flow can sometimes feel disrupted by the uneven placement of images and content, and the colours can sometimes be muted. However, it is a nice, solid publication.

If you want something light and fun, definitely pick this up for yourself or for your vampire-obsessed bestie!


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