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RPG Character Creation

I’ll admit it, I can be a little shallow, especially when it comes to the character I get to play in any video game. One of my favourite things to do with a RPG is make my very own character, customizing everything from their hair colour to the height of their cheek bones. Video games have come a long way when it comes to allowing the ultimate character customization, and while some do an amazing job others fall short. Here I’ll highlight a couple of RPG character generators that have kept me occupied for hours.


Mass Effect had a pretty awesome character generator and Mass Effect 2’s was even better! So good that Shepard had to be killed in order to allow players the opportunity to re-customize their character from the first game.

You can begin with cycling through some presents and then customize the following options: Facial Structure, Head, Eyes, Jaw, Mouth, Nose, Hair, Makeup (minus this option if you choose a male). And within these main categories there are sub categories that allow for very specific customization, from the height of your eyebrows to the thickness of your neck. BioWare is all about the ultimate RPG experience and throughout many of their games they have done this well. With patience and some skill you can create for yourself a pretty decent looking character, cool or pretty, handsome or badass.

Of course a lot of people can also find this process frustrating, ending up with wonky and just plain ugly characters. If you look around YouTube though you can find yourself some pretty decent tips on how to make Shepard look good. Here’s one that is particularly detailed:


Another BioWare game! No surprise here. Dragon Age is basically Mass Effect’s less popular sibling, but to be honest I actually played Dragon Age: Origins, Awakening, and 2 while I’ve only played a little of Mass Effect / 2. And let’s be honest the character creation is Mass Effect is much better than any of the Dragon Age games, even the graphics are much better. That doesn’t mean I didn’t spend hours customizing my character, especially when in Dragon Age 2 I was given access to the Black Emporium, a DLC bonus. The Mirror of Transformation allows you to re-customize your character as many times as you want. I even took it upon myself to make my girl age as the game progressed.

Very similar to Mass Effect 2, you have the option to choose a preset, then: Skin, Hair, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Jaw/Cheeks, Neck/Ears. The characters look much better in Dragon Age 2 than in previous games, and I like how it seems no matter what character you create they always come out pretty good.

Still need some tips though? Check out this video:


When it comes to MMORPGs options are usually limited when it comes to character customization, especially if you are playing for free. SWTOR is a game that I was a little hesitant to pay for, as MMOs are not great when they first come out, but I got to say that SWTOR is an amazing game. Also by BioWare (big surprise) this game offers the ultimate RPG experience. The format is very similiar to BioWare’s other games, giving you dialogue, good or evil, and yes lots of character customization options. I have to say that so far SWTOR has provided the most fun when it comes to customizing your character, especially considering you get to choose what species you want to be too.

After choosing Empire or Republic you choose your class; from there you get to choose your species: Chiss, Cyborg, Human, Miraluka, Mirialan, Rattataki, Twi’lek, Zabrak, Sith Pure Blood. Once those options are selected you get to choose different character features depending on which species you choose. For example, human male options include: Body Type, Head, Scars, Complextion, Eye Color, Beards, Tattoos, Hair, Hair Color, Skin Color.

Check out this video if you want to see options available to you:


Finally a game that’s not made by BioWare. This MMORPG has been around for quite a while and the best thing about it is that it’s free. The website http://www.perfectworld.com/ has multiple free games available, but Perfect World International is the one that is well-known for the absolutely insane amount of customization options available. I will be honest, the game itself wasn’t able to keep me playing–I probably spent more time creating characters than I did playing them–but it’s a game worth checking out if you are addicted to customization.

This is just one of the ways you can mess around with their customization. Of course if you want to you can create a serious, pretty, or ridiculous character–it’s all up to you. Select a preset then cuztomize your: Face, Eyes, Eyebrows, Nose, Mouth, Ears, Hair, Colors, Body. But even just listing what you can change doesn’t accurately express just how much you can change.

Take a look at MMOHut‘s YouTube video to get the full extent of your options:

Know of any other video games that have great character creators? Be sure to leave a comment.



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