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Best Moments in Gaming

When it comes to video game history there are plenty of memorable moments. Moments that make your heart stop for a second, or that pretty much implode your brain. For this list I simply took a couple from the top of my head. It’s not in any particular order and it is nowhere near complete. Simply, let’s take a moment to remember that video games are not just mindless activities, but that they hold true merit in their design, gameplay, and story.

Samus Is a Chick??

Not that I ever played Metroid, so I’m not one to talk. But there was a moment for me when I found out Samus was a girl (playing Super Smash Bros) and I was pretty impressed—this girl is badass. I could just imagine the faces of many players as at the end of Metroid when Samus takes off her helmet. Not only did this go against the norm (how could a girl be so cool?) but it was also one of those “no way” moments—and that’s exactly why it’s so legendary.

Farewell Aeris

Again, never really played Final Fantasy VII, but Aeris’s (or Aerith’s) death is one of those moments in gaming that you constantly hear about. There are tons of videos dedicated to her on YouTube, and there are tons of fans out there who she really struck a chord with. Again, a huge testament to the amazing narratives we can find in video games; somehow, FFVII managed to do it just right.

The Cake is a Lie

Finally something I can comment on from personal experience (I guess I really have missed out on a lot). Portal is one of those games that really surprised people. In many ways it was disorienting—the narrative, design, and gameplay, were all unique and unfamiliar. The game gives you little story-wise and you are left to learn everything on your own. It really is an amazing experience, not only figuring out all the puzzles but also unravelling the narrative’s mysteries. The game teaches players to think for themselves, and that’s exactly why when GLaDOS informed me that there would be cake—I didn’t believe her. Some people froze while others knew exactly what to do, either way in that moment the lies unravelled and the real game began.

Commander Shepard’s Death

Because Mass Effect 3 is coming out soon (March 6, 2012) I decided to play a little bit of Mass Effect 2. I have played some of Mass Effect but never really finished, and I definitely did not know that Shepard was supposed to die in one of the most epic ways possible in the sequel. Not only was the whole introduction to Mass Effect 2 really cool but watching Shepard not only lose oxygen but get sucked into a planet’s atmosphere only to be burnt to a crisp was just jaw-dropping. During the cut scene I kept yelling at my boyfriend asking “Shepard dies??” much to his amusement. What happens next pretty much tops it off—the “reincarnation” of Shepard through the Lazarus project. It’s an interesting way to “reset” your character but also a very amazing visual and narrative experience.

IGN has a pretty extensive list if you want to see more and be sure to leave comments about your favourite moments!


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