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Geek Money: Geek Culture – Cheap!

Enjoy Geek Culture: Cheap!

Stuck for cash but want to have some fun? Here are some cheap (and free) ways to enjoy geek culture.


It’s like a video game, only in real life! An adult version of tag, Manhunt is played anywhere where there are bountiful places to hide. The game’s mission is simple: don’t get caught!

Organized by locals of a town or city, (check out the Toronto chapter) Manhunt is free to join. Show up with some friends and get ready for a few hours of feeling like a ninja, or Spiderman, as you try to escape from strangers.

Festivals and Conventions

Your typical convention is not cheap and can not be on this list, but if you have a geek-friendly city, there might be more free events out there than you think. Especially for the lit-geek.

In Toronto, there is Word on the Street every September, and also the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, held at the Toronto Reference Library. Both of these events are completely free to attend.

Learn Something

If you want to learn something new that isn’t from Wikipedia but don’t have the cash to pay for a course, check out free lectures put on by either local universities, libraries, or held in pubs in your city. The topics can vary from science fiction to cooking. There is a world of free knowledge out there, it is up to you to grab it.

If you’re in Toronto, check out Nerd Nite for a great time.

Never let the problem of having little cash stop you from enjoying geek culture.


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