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Video Game Collectables

Let’s face it: many of us gamers love to collect. That’s why we’ll dish out the money for limited edition video game releases which include things like figurines, soundtracks, and unique items like playing cards (Fable III). Not only do we want to geek out over the stuff that comes with our games but many of us also want to go to Ubisoft’s website and buy a Desmond hoodie.

I love surfing around the web, seeing what I can find—and what I can afford. Here are a few cool things that’ll set your gamer heart a-flutter.

Photo source: ThinkGeek.com

For Fun

How about a Wheatley LED Flashlight from Portal 2, courtesy of ThinkGeek? Even though Wheatley rubbed many of us the wrong way he still manages to be undeniably charming. Not only is this flashlight an official Portal 2 collectible but it also puts Wheatley to better use than he ever was in the game. Press a button and his eye will light up—also perfect for playing with a pet. ThinkGeek is an awesome place to find plenty of geeky things (not only video game related). It’s one of my favourite sites for ordering these unique, hard-to-find items. Be sure to check them out, especially this Flashlight priced at $19.99 USD.

Photo source: UbiWorkshop.com

Simply Sharp

Here’s something for the guys—well, and the ladies too. Check out this Assassin’s Creed Belt Buckle from UbiWorkshop. The craftsmanship looks amazing! I absolutely love the detail and would definitely by this for myself or my boyfriend. Unfortunately you can only buy the buckle—not the belt—for $29.95 USD but when you look at the detail it definitely looks worth it. Also on the plus side you can transfer the buckle to whichever belt you want. Now, I’ve never seen UbiWorkshop before and it currently says they are in beta, but the website looks very interesting and sells many Ubisoft products. I don’t know about you, but I’ll definitely be giving them a closer look.

Photo Source: SSKDesigns @ Etsy.com

Cool and Crafty

Ever heard of Etsy? Plenty of sellers come to Etsy to promote their handmade items, even some pretty awesome video game collectables! There’s lots to see but I thought that this Pac Man Make Up Bag was a really great piece, well-made and well-designed. Be retro-chic and make all your friends—especially fellow gamers—jealous of this really unique way to carry around your makeup. Its cost is $24.00 USD.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg! Let us know where you guys like to shop for your favourite geeky collectables.


2 thoughts on “Video Game Collectables

  1. People don’t like Wheatley? Who are these people. I will kill them.

    Posted by Courtney | February 18, 2012, 12:28 am

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