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Totally Arbitrary List #1: Best Couples in Fandom

Totally Arbitrary List: Valentine’s Day Edition

As the first epic Totally Arbitrary List (and yes, it requires both the capitals and the bold font) on GeekGirl, we — the editors — do solemnly swear to keep up this completely mind-boggling tradition of compiling entirely illogical nouns (people, places and things) under utterly nonsensical principles. In that, of course, there are no principles.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’ve each chosen our favourite couples (canon and non-canon… because Charlotte wanted non-canon and Tina wanted canon, which resulted in several unnecessary outbursts and rolling of eyes and arm flailing) and have compiled them into a list similar to “Top 10.” Except, it really isn’t “Top 10,” because that will only result in another nasty debate with plastic lightsaber duels reminiscent of Japanese game shows.

So, without further or do, here’s GeekGirl’s Totally Arbitrary List #1: Best Couples in Fandom!

Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba from Sailor Moon

Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba (Sailor Moon manga)

Picked by: Tina

They’re star crossed lovers, a relationship between two different worlds and people, causing a jealous rage that collapses numerous kingdoms and an era of utopia. Thousands of years later, they meet again, but they don’t remember each other — only a chance encounter that starts with teasing and chemistry. They’ve reincarnated, but their souls find each other and they’re reunited. Years later, they build a new utopia: Neo Crystal Tokyo. Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba, and in all their incarnations of Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion — Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion – has a love that transcends time and space, life and death, and saves the world several times over. There isn’t a love like theirs, which binds two souls for all eternity and through different forms. It’s the sort of love that’s to be envied and admired, and a depth so beautiful that it steals one’s breath.




Ico and Yorda from Ico

Ico and Yorda (Ico)

Picked by: Renae

I knew that video games would be overlooked in this list of “best couples” and I also didn’t want to pick a very stereotypical one like Mario + Peach. I scratched my brain thinking, but stopped short of Ico and Yorda from Ico on the Playstation 2 (also released in an Ico + Shadow of the Colossus pack for the Playstation 3). There are a lot of people out there who might argue that Yorda has to be one of the most annoying video game companions of all time, and I can see their point, but as someone who appreciates a good story and who can get their heartstrings pulled really easily, I have got to say that Ico and Yorda are one of the cutest couples I’ve ever seen. Playing Ico, you feel a special attachment to Yorda as you care for her and lead her to safety. The way they hold hands and how Ico helps her up is just precious. Not to mention the ending where… well, to spare everyone from spoilers (since you should play this game), you really empathize with the two of them and just wish they could run off together, forever free-spirited, innocent, and childlike.

Rogue and Gambit from X-men

Rogue and Gambit (X-Men)

Picked by: Sarah

If love is strengthened through hardships and tests, then Gambit and Rogue have the strongest relationship in all fandom. This couple has seen it all: from past/current loves (Belladonna and Bobby Drake), to the pent up sexual tension between them due to Rogue’s ability to absorb the life-force of anyone she touches. For Gambit, the perpetual playboy, she is his ultimate conquest… and ends up being his true love.

It’s in issue #350 of Uncanny X-Men when the two defining moments of their relationship happen. After being trapped by Sinister, the couple is chained and loses their powers — and for the first time are able to touch each other without fear. It is bittersweet, as after the most poignant night of their relationship, the sinful treachery of Gambit’s past is revealed; and Rogue, devastated, abandons Gambit in his greatest time of need.

It is the forgiveness after this incident, and the multitude of trials and separations the couple continually overcome that makes them the ultimate couple in all of geekdom. Seriously, all X-Men writers have it out for these two. Is there anything that the love Rogue and Remy have for each other can’t beat?

Jim and Pam from The Office

Jim & Pam (The Office U.S.)

Picked by: Michelle

Although The Office has only been on air since 2005, Jim and Pam have easily made their way into classic TV couple history. After four seasons of sexual tension and destiny slowly at work, Jim finally got down on one knee in the pouring rain at a gas station when he couldn’t bear Pam going away to art school for three months without him. Though now that they’re living their “happily ever after,” I can’t help but miss the drama of their first casino night kiss and Jim hiding the truth about his feelings for Pam from Pam’s fiancé Roy.




Wall-E and Eva from Wall-E

Wall-E and Eve (Wall-E)

Picked by: Michelle

Wall-E and Eve are one of the cutest couples I’ve ever seen and together create one of the most moving stories of love and friendship. A true attestation of their love: despite coming from completely different worlds and times, the two find a common connection in a cause they truly care for and will go to the furthest ends to take care of one another. Aww! Because robots are people too.

Kurt and Blaine from Glee

Kurt Hummel/Blaine Anderson (Glee)

Picked by: Charlotte

Kurt Hummel’s life looked pretty dismal by the time he put on his best shorts and knee-highs and went to spy on a prep-school a cappella group called the Warblers.  The expression on Kurt’s face when Blaine Anderson grabbed his hand, dragged him in slow motion down a hallway, and became his very own Teenage Dream may arguably have been his first full-blown smile of the entire series.  Sure, they’ve had their snags along the way (Kurt’s surprise biphobia; Blaine’s naive obliviousness to things that aren’t made totally obvious to him), but a dead bird and a Beatles song lead to what has been referred to as the kiss that changed America.  Surrounded by the musical chairs game that is romance within New Directions, Kurt and Blaine have managed to maintain a relatively honest and supportive relationship, free of petty mind games.  When this year’s Regionals episode airs one week from today it will mark Klaine’s one year anniversary, and these kids are still going strong.

Tobias and Rachel from Animorphs

Tobias and Rachel (Animorphs)

Picked by: Charlotte

United by a battle to save humankind from alien enslavement and a profound desire to protect each other, Tobias and Rachel maintain a fierce romance even within the confines of an intergalactic war and a PG-rated book series. It’s the classic story of the nerd and the teenage beauty queen; only the nerd is trapped in the body of a red-tailed hawk, and the beauty queen takes great joy in goring aliens. Rachel bolsters Tobias when he feels weak, and Tobias draws out the gentle humanity in Rachel when she begins to lose herself in the fight.  In her final moments, Rachel meets Tobias’s human eyes through the screen of a distant spaceship and says, “I love you.” When the Controller-bear kills her, Tobias dies too – retreating into life as a wild hawk and disappearing for years.  It’s a tragic love story where no one wins, but for those few brief years, a pair of lost, misfit teenagers-turned-soldiers find happiness with each other.

Sirius Black and Remus Lupin from Harry Potter

Sirius Black and Remus Lupin (Harry Potter)

Picked by: Charlotte

Friends?  Lovers?  Whatever.  The official status of their relationship is less important than the sheer force of the bond these two share.  Sirius– along with James Potter and Peter Pettigrew – risked imprisonment and body parts to become illegal Animagi to help Remus cope with his lycanthropy.  All four of the Marauders were close, but Sirius and Remus shared that special canine bond between their animal counterparts, Padfoot and Moony.  Then Peter framed Sirius for the betrayal and death of James and Lily, and Remus spent twelve long, “lost” years alone.  Despite more than a decade of pain and hatred, when Remus learned the truth he forgave Sirius at once.  Hiding from Death Eaters and Aurors alike, Sirius and Remus had barely a year of cohabitation and joint Christmas presents before Sirius was killed by drapery and Remus withdrew back into his own private self.  As Harry goes to sacrifice himself, Sirius and Remus appear together one last time: young, happy, and free at last.




Dave and Terezi from Homestuck

Dave and Terezi (Homestuck)

Picked by: Courtney

It would be almost criminal to mention romance in fiction today without mentioning Homestuck. The comic redefined the very concept of shipping by introducing its trolls and their alien notions of romance. Yet there’s still plenty of good old-fashioned Earth-style love too. My favourite pairing is Dave and Terezi, mainly because every conversation with them is a laugh riot to read.

It’s a remarkable relationship for how unlikely it is. He’s a human and she’s a troll. They only recently met for the first time, previously communicating over the internet. And their entire relationship has lasted less than a day (for Terezi. It’s been longer for Dave because of time travel). Yet by Act 5 they act like they’ve known each other for years, casually flirting over IM, swapping injokes only the two of them get, and sharing their innermost desires with each other.  In a universe where nothing is a coincidence, Dave and Terezi appear to have been destined for each other. Now that they’ll be together in the Furthest Ring for the foreseeable future, I can’t wait to see how their relationship grows.

(Art by archaeoghost)

Desmond and Penny from Lost

Desmond and Penny (Lost)

Picked by: Courtney

Now here’s a love story of mythic proportions. (Indeed, Penny’s name calls back to Penelope of The Odyssey.) Desmond met Penny after being kicked out of a monastic order and they hit it off right away. But he always felt he wasn’t worthy of her, and it didn’t help that

Penny’s powerful father, Charles Widmore, disapproved of their relationship. He broke up with her to spare her a life of disappointment, a move Penny considered cowardly.

But Desmond got a second chance thanks to the magic of the Island. One day in 1996, Desmond awoke to find himself 8 years in the future, on a helicopter bound away from the Island. Confused, he consulted with Dan Faraday, who told him that the time travel would slowly destroy his mind. Unless, of course, he had a constant – something extremely special to him that existed in both time periods. He knew right away it had to be Penny.

Desperate, he tried to reconnect with her, only to find that she had moved on. He managed to get a phone number out of her and told her to wait, that he would call her in 8 years’ time. The scene in which he makes the call, and we learn that she really did wait for him all that time and had been searching for him, is one of the most emotionally moving TV episodes I’ve ever seen.

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