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Geek Life: Singles Party!

No, this isn’t one of those let’s-try-and-hook-people-up parties. This is a guide for singles who can embrace being single and are not forced to feel like a social leper because of their relationship status on Valentine’s Day. And, as always, we do it in the geekiest way possible.

Below are a two theme-based party ideas for all the single geeks who just want to enjoy Valentine’s Day with some friends.

First-Person Shooter

What better way to celebrate single-dom than with characters who save the world single-handed?

Decorating by atomic bomb optional.

Food: Rations, canned items, or cupcakes decorated as health packs and other items of usefulness.

Entertainment: Hold a multi-player video game tournament (Golden Eye N64, Halo, COD, Battlefield, etc.), battle with Nerf guns/marshmallow shooters or go paint-balling.

Music: Fallout 3: Songs From the Wasteland, “Eve of Destruction” by Barry McGuire, “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane.


In most dystopian fiction, it is one person that sparks the fires of rebellion.

And so many others!

Food: Food can be as simple or sophisticated as you want. Stick with soup, bread, rice, and meat to capture the districts in The Hunger Games or Abnegation from Divergent. Add apples to this selection to represent The Giver, or have more sophisticated fare like vegetarian dishes from The Uglies, or gourmet meals from Fahrenheit 451 and the Capitol from The Hunger Games.

Entertainment: Come dressed as your favourite dystopian rebel, or have everyone choose a character secretly from a bowl and act as that character throughout the night until your friends guess who you are. Watch dystopian films (Blade Runner, A Clockwork Orange) and create a trivia game based on dystopian novels and films.

Music: Haunting techno music, Hunger Games Movie OST, The Matrix OST

So have fun this Valentine’s Day and celebrate your love of friends and your love of geekdom.


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