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Couples’ Cosplay Ideas (For Friends and Lovers)

Cosplay on Valentine’s Day?  Why not? Costuming with a loved one means you’ll always have someone to brainstorm, panic, and work all night with – and someone nearby to kiss it better when that pin inevitably catches your finger.  Plus, coordinating cosplay pairs and groups are always fan favourites at conventions.  In honour of Valentimes, I’ve compiled just a few truly amazing couples cosplay ideas for you and your best friend, significant other, or whomever you want.

Jessie by lolisakura

Jessie and James, Pokemon

Team Rocket: denouncing the evils of truth and love! A bright choice for the vibrant couple that enjoys kidnapping small animals.  If you’re making Jessie, be prepared to stuff that wig with an internal armature and laquer it down with wig sculpting glue and hairspray.  It’s tricky work, but do it right and you and your James will be a hit at cons.

Elphaba by -Beatrice-

Elphaba and Glinda, Wicked

Looking for something a little (a lot) more challenging?  Well Broadway buffs, taking on the incredible creations worn by the Witches of Oz in the Wicked musical will provide hours of pleating, hemming, and beading.  The details here are key: take a good look at Glinda’s gorgeous crown and matching necklace.  Elphaba’s dress is a patchwork masterpiece, layered with bits of mismatched fabrics to evoke her desperate times spent on the run.

Sarah by carladawn

Sarah Walker and Chuck, Chuck

In case Wicked scared you off, lets try something simpler, but no less fun.  Chuck and Sarah can be recreated with regular, off-the-rack clothing and a few iron-on appliques or fabric paint.  Your biggest challenge may be finding sneakers ( ahem – Chucks) in that brilliant shade of orange.

Photo by graceyheartphotography

Joker and Harley Quinn, Batman

Bright colours, kickass weapons, and a whole lot of spandex.  A fantastic costume idea for the couple that loves to wreck havoc together.  Sewing that diamond pattern out of spandex may look like a nightmare, but check out this amazing tutorial on stretch applique for step-by-step tips.

Fun Fact: In one of my first years attending FanExpo, I saw a Joker cosplayer propose to his Harley Quinn right in the middle of their Masquerade performance.  I can’t recall if they won any prizes, but darned if he didn’t get his girl.

Brittany by EndlessNights

Brittany and Santana, Glee

Best-friends-turned-finally-girlfriends, Brittana – and just Cheerios in general – make for fun, easy-to-wear costumes that are great for bouncing around cons.  They are not, however, easy to make.  Speaking from experience, if you haven’t bled or burned at least five times by the time your Cheerios uniform is complete, you haven’t done it correctly.  (HINT: Use iron-on tape to hold the logo pattern while you sew to make everything much more stable.)  But if you’ve got tough enough skin and decent geometric skills, grab your best girl and get your McKinley High pride on.

Prefer Dalton Academy?  Warbler uniforms for all genders look great too!


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