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Geek Love: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Stuck for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your geek? Here’s some ideas to help you out without the flowers and chocolates.

For Him

1. For the kid at heart, geek toys are a unique and playful way to show you care. We especially love this floating shark to surprise your geek!

2. For the writer, nothing says love like zombies. So why not gift him this awesome zombie notebook?

3. For the working man, this 8-bit tie will definitely stand out at the office.

4. For the technologically-inclined, this crafty external hard drive (made of recycled NES cartridges) is practical and looks fantastically retro.

5. For the role-player, dress up for a special night in. Just choose your love’s fandom crush (such as Princess Leia) and be creative!

For Her

1. For the for the animal lover, a butterfly in a jar is beautiful – especially when the butterfly is electronic. This humane gift will bring a bit of spring to the cold winter months.

2. For the musically-inclined, mix tapes may be a thing of the past but you can create a modern version using a USB key. Fill the USB with favourite geeky music and wrap it up in a nice box for your partner.

3. For the fashionista, geek themed original clothing/jewellery. A classic idea with a geeky twist, like this skirt for the literature geek.

4. For the television lover, this plush kitty inspired by The Big Bang Theory brings geeky and adorable together in a one-of-a-kind gift.

5. For the original geek, a geek coupon book can be as expensive, detailed, and original as you wish. This handmade gift will be the perfect custom-fit idea for your partner. Coupons could be for anything from a movie date (she gets to choose the film) to a promise to agree with her on a fandom argument, despite what you may actually think.

For the Couple

To set the mood, lightsabre candlesticks. Need we say more?

For the PDA lovers, these Zelda Hearts t-shirts light up when your partner is around, raising your heart meter for all to see. A perfect declaration of love.

For the foodies, prepare a geek-themed dinner for two based on your favourite fandom, from Harry Potter to the A Song of Ice and Fire series.

For the gamers, why not spend the night bonding over nostalgic games from your youth? You can do so with this retro NES/SNES system. Games come separately.

For the competitive couple, marshmallow shooters are the best way to solve arguments, release energy, and have some fun. Well, second best thing.


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