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Romantic Love Stories

Confession time: I am a huge romantic at heart. I believe, most fervently, in happy endings, sweet kisses and gentlemen holding doors for ladies. I adore picture-perfect weddings with massive tulle ballgowns and beautiful three-tiered confections – the perfect white piping, elaborate sugar flowers and that sponge-custard-sponge ratio. In light of our Valentine’s theme this week, I will propose three of my favourite romantic love stories, all of which end in happy endings (of course)! (They’re not listed in order of preference.)
Elizabethan Era: William Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing”
I did not choose “Romeo and Juliet.” It is not a love story. It is a lesson in which family betrayal will end only in death. However, “Much Ado About Nothing” had me excited and squealing throughout the whole plot. I’m not talking about Claudio and Hero, but rather Benedick and Beatrice (even their names match)! The Benedick and Beatrice plot is really a cheesy, classic love story about two people hating each other, and then fall in love with each other because of rumours. Even today, I still get mushy just thinking about them!
Regency Era: Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”
“Pride and Prejudice” is a common title on any romance list, but I have to admit that “Pride and Prejudice” is not my favourite Austen novel. It is, however, the most romantic Austen novel that I’ve read thus far. The tension between Elizabeth and Darcy is weighty, and you’re compelled – waiting eagerly for – the moment Darcy starts to court Elizabeth. For first time readers (I read this in high school), it took me a while to get into the novel. For a long time, nothing seems to happen, but when something does – Darcy’s admiration of Elizabeth’s blush or Darcy striving to save the Bennet’s reputation – is like a dream come true. The fact of the matter is, is that Darcy is that powerful, rich prince coming in to swoop the maiden off her feet. It’s a complete fantasy, and I love every second of it!
Contemporary Era: Sophia Kinsella’s “Mini Shopaholic”
In truth, the whole Shopaholic Series is romantic. It’s not the sort of romantic where the sole focus of the series is the romance between Becky and Luke, but rather it’s spurts of conversations and events that make your heart speed up and your senses melt. I read the series for both the quirkiness, the fantasy, and the romance between Becky and Luke. Despite what happens, just when you think Becky and Luke is becoming distant, someone does something that proves their loyalty and feelings. The whole series makes is filled with happiness and laughter.

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One thought on “Romantic Love Stories

  1. Great post! All the books above are fabulous choices. I’d also add Bridget Jones’s Diary as a tie to Pride and Prejudice and Kinsella’s work — a classic love story with a contemporary, chick-lit twist.

    Posted by Christine B | February 12, 2012, 12:03 pm

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