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Sailor Moon Re-Release

The Revival of the Sailor Moon Manga in North America

Sailor Moon Re-Release Volume 1

Sailor Moon Re-Release Volume 1

Since GeekGirl is about the passion and dedication to certain interests and hobbies, it’s only fitting that my first post would be about Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon is, by far, my first ever obsession in my life, and is the one true passion I have had thus far. It has romance, Romance, family, friendship and that unbreakable, unquestionable and unquenchable belief in a woman’s strength to defeat all the bad things in the cosmos. It taught all little girls that they didn’t have to be perfect to triumph over evil, and that to triumph over evil they didn’t have to give up the lipsticks, skirts, high heels — there is no glass ceiling.

Which is why I am so happy with the North American re-release of the Sailor Moon manga. I first heard of this wonderful news back in March 2011, and didn’t really want to believe it until I checked out the Chapters (Canada) website: here. Since then, I’ve been consecutively amassing volumes to build (and complete) my Sailor Moon manga collection (and my Sailor V manga collection).

Sailor V Volume 1

Sailor V Volume 1

I have, thus far, Volume 1 and Volume 2. According to moonkitty.net, there are quite a few misgivings about the re-release in terms of content and translation, but the art is stunning. Although I’m a bit peeved at the inconsistencies due to language, the beauty of the product, for me, is worthwhile.

Unlike other North American manga releases, the Sailor Moon re-releases have kept the integrity I so cherish in Japanese releases. First and foremost, I am infinitely glad that the new covers coincide with the Japanese covers. I still detest the old covers back the 90s. Secondly, the first few pages or so are in full colour, and does justice to Ms. Naoko Takeuchi’s work. Finally, some of the art have been redrawn and they look fantastic!

Sailor Moon Re-Release Volume 2

Sailor Moon Re-Release Volume 2

No matter what others may say, re-reading Sailor Moon still makes my heart beat and a chill run down my spine. It’s more than just reliving the memories. It’s about the beautiful art, all-encompassing story arc, and the wonderful characters who not only out-shadow, but completely blanket their anime counterparts.

Sailor Moon Re-Release Volume 3

Sailor Moon Re-Release Volume 3

Volume 3 was released yesterday, and I cannot wait to pick it up!

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